Floyd Miracle is a Clinical Manager and a Flight Paramedic in Kentucky. He obtained his Bachelors in EMC Administration from Eastern Kentucky University. His particular areas of interest are EKG interpretation, cardiac resuscitation, airway management, and large breed dogs. Floyd is an enthusiast in many areas, but claims expertise in none.


Ryan Hunter has been described by some colleagues as “pretty alright”, and currently practices as a second generation Paramedic in a region with more barrels of bourbon than people. He graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with an A.S. in Paramedic Science, and continues his studies there presently.  He has a background in military medicine, hazardous materials/weapons of mass destruction, urban search and rescue, and a sprinkle of wilderness medicine for variety; although he won’t profess a particular adroitness in any of them. Ryan also enjoys rural life and resides in a barn, à la Patrick Swayze in Road House.