Airway Trauma

Modern Spinal Care

Recently, the new NAEMSP position statement on spinal motion restriction provoked a flurry of controversy.

In this episode, we seek to make some sense of what spinal motion restriction is, what it isn’t, and how to best care for patients after spinal trauma.

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Airway Oxygenation Resuscitation Ventilation

Avoiding Airway Disasters with Dr. Jeff Jarvis

In this episode, we’re graced by the presence of Airway Jedi Dr. Jeff Jarvis. We discuss a novel approach to the standardization of airway management in order to prevent peri-intubation hypoxia and valuable insight into the organizational culture required to make it successful.


FEELing for a Pulse and Shocking Asystole

Would the implementation of POCUS change how we manage cardiac arrest patients in the Prehospital environment? Should we shock asystole in case it’s fine VF? Should ultrasound replace finger pulse checks?

We brought EMS Physician Dr. Walt Lubbers on the show to help answer some of these burning questions.